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I love the stock market.  In 1991 my wife gave me a charting program, and I was hooked.  I then combined my pattern recognition skills, with my analytical background (corporate mergers and acquisitions).  This in combination with my competitive nature (college athlete, USMC Officer) created a match made in heaven. In 2006, I had my opportunity to “retire” at 46 and to do this full time. 

After 5 years of optimizing, testing, and trading, I found something that simply works.  Nothing flashy, just one winning trade after another.  Then folks started asking me for help and I decided to share the trades at an affordable price. Now, I trade, hang with the family, hit the beach, and travel.  You can have this life too.  

With our knowledge and experience in trading the market we have developed a trend system that yields us an average yearly return of 85%.  Do we ever lose on a trade? Sometimes it happens, but not often – we are not perfect, but what you will find with Trade Genius is that on 8 out of 10 trades we take…we win. This happens by trusting our proprietary algorithm that has been modified and perfected over time.  Trading is our passion and we want it to be yours as well.  We take our skill seriously so you won’t have to. Enjoy trading with us!

– The Trade Genius

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