SHOCKING News About the Coming Food Prices…

The Economic Bombshell Every Government Official Wants to Keep a Secret…

Backroom international meetings secretly warns about the incredible rise in the price of food.  No matter what the candidates promise, most Americans can see Venezuelan type results within the next year or two.  France, Brazil and China are already suffering.

There is only a few ways how YOU can survive this coming collapse.  One way is to MAKE MORE MONEY.  Find out how to EARN extra money to survive the coming Economic Collapse!


Dear Reader –

Your ability to feed your family is under threat. Climate Change is coming, but it is not what you think.  The sun has gone quiet, and the oceans have turned cold, the politicians are focusing on the wrong problems, on purpose, distracting us from a pending worldwide calamity.

Last Year Brazil, one of the largest exporters of corn, Coffee, and Sugar had to import corn for the first time.  Right NOW, CHINA and FRANCE are suffering failed harvests.  Just today reports are that 50% of Chinese Row crops are destroyed due to flooding. That is because the world is going into a solar minimum.  A major FEMA and a World Government Think Tank just completed a study that called for major food shortages in as little three years from now, and the shortages are starting NOW.

You have two options; build a huge greenhouse to protect your crops from the climate chaos, or buy the stocks we will show you, and sell them later to be able to afford the skyrocketing cost of food.

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They have NO power to stop the coming food shortages…

By the time the next President stands in front of the Capitol Building, places their hand on the Bible and swears the oath of inauguration – some Americans will already be feeling the effects of the coming food calamity.

There’s nothing they can do to “save” us inflating food prices. Even Donald Trump’s and all the billionaire’s riches they can’t plug the gaping hole in the coming food gap.

That’s on top of Social Security cuts that went in effect on April 30. Over 32 million American seniors lost access to as much as $60,000 in extra benefits over their lifetimes.

So, if you’re an American senior, what can you do to protect yourself?

And on top of the double digit increase in Healthcare cost.

I’ll also show you a few simple steps you can take to maximize every investment dollar to work in YOUR favor.

That’s why I sent you this valuable presentation today.


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The ground outside Sao Paulo is cracked and dry. It was the hottest January on record in parts of Brazil, and the heat plus a severe drought has fanned fears of water shortages and crop damage.

Every Single Dollar YOU save, and You Make is Critical  

Hello, my name is Michael Duhs. I’m a senior analyst for an independent financial research company.

My company is part of a network of affiliates in 20 different countries spread across four continents. Over 2.4 million people read our collected work every day.

And over the years we’ve gained a reputation for exposing government boondoggles…and missed opportunities for the common man to prosper and build wealth.

We’ve made it our business to warn Americans ahead of time, so they can take precautions to protect their wealth and liberty. The last time this coming disaster happened major governments fell across the world, and millions starved.

For example, in 2008, one of our corporate affiliates reported on the Rice riots in China and Asia, and within months COSTCO and others were rationing rice, right here in America.…

Just a few years later, The Arab Spring arose due to a food shortage only us and a few other visionaries saw coming.

We are raising the alarm bells again, and this time it will be worldwide, and it has already begun.

Everyday our affiliates and researchers are sounding the alarm to 100,000’s of Americans like you, and more importantly how to take advantage of the coming financial and agricultural collapse and how to invest properly so that these cutbacks wouldn’t affect them, and to prepare for the coming economic chaos, and in fact how to prosper through this time of turmoil.

By working with us can mean the difference between a comfortable lifestyle and one of poverty.  Yes, it will be that earth shattering, and it will come quickly

I don’t have to tell you the economy is not taking a turn for the better.  The damage by these politicians and globalist leaders is by far way worse than “damaging”.  They are not only not focusing on the next crisis, but are actually making it more likely.  They are secretly meeting and discussing it, all the while they are distracting us with almost daily mini panics and crises.

The real threat is from rising food prices!

Food prices will rise nearly 5x from where they are now.

That is right, 5X.  How do we know?  It has happened countless times in the past.  No one is going to tell you this is going to happen because the elites are still preparing, and can’t afford to spook you yet.  But once they start focusing on this, it will be too late for you;

You MUST take action NOW!

We have a plan to show you how to be able to afford these increases, even if you are on a fixed income budget.

To make it easier for you, we compiled the information about these strategies in one simple-to-understand resource. And we’ll offer it to you for free…

But you must act quickly. Because it has already begun.


They are REDUCING your Social Security Payments

They are REDUCING your Medicare payments

They are REDUCING your COLA payments

They are INCREASING Health Deductibles

They REDUCE your take home pay by reducing your health benefits more than your Minimum Wage increase.

They allow FOREIGN CORPORATIONS to buy our food companies and our farmland.

They are allowing the Banks to INCREASE their dividends, knowing the banks are all but insolvent.

They are lining their own pockets with your money, and when the next crisis we are talking about hits its stride, you won’t be able to afford the cost of food, and food will be exported to those foreign countries.

It would create a massive humanitarian crisis here in America. And it would stand as the worst thing the American government has ever done to its citizens.

You need to protect yourself right away. And the first step is doing everything you possibly can to get every dollar you possibly can make from the coming crisis…There are two types of people in the world, those that make something happen, and those who let it happen.  Who are you!

I’ll show you how for FREE, for those who are ready to act..


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They don’t share well, and if you become dependent on them for your food, well they got you.

Henry Kissinger, and American elite once quipped, Kissinger: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

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Can you trust the government and Social Security to even be there for you, in your time of need?  Wait until food inflation forces the Fed to Raise rates.  It will destroy your purchasing power.

At this point, trusting Social Security to pay for your retirement is like trusting a thief to guard your house.

You’ll be lucky if you get anything back…

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