Sports Genius offers NFL Sports picks

By every Sunday morning we will provide the best picks for the week. If the game is a Thursday or a Monday game, those will come on those afternoons. We will provide the picks as either a over/under, with points or a out win. We will also suggest size as a ratio to a normal bet for you. Then all else is up to you.

As in stock trading it is all about finding an edge that generates consistent profits, over time. In stocks we use an internal algorithm that measure buying and selling intensity, and in sports picks we rely on the judgement of our handicapper with 30 years experience as a professional hobbyist analyzing sports and individual games. But, we don’t rely on gut feel alone along with that experience comes 30 years of stats handicaps the match ups, before you even look at the players involved. Time of the season, game time, who is home or away, where did they travel from, historical records, historical records on the match ups. Then we practice risk management through sizing, and / or multiple bets on the same game such as take a team with points, then choose and over/under. ETC.

Our wins are better than our losers, and our dollar gains are better than our dollar losses, in other words we expect to make money. No gimmicks, just picks. No long term commitments, You pay by Friday, you get the picks until the following Friday. Think of us as your market research department for NFL games.

Weekly NFL Picks E-mailed Directly To You!

Weekly NFL Picks E-mailed Directly To You!

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