Advanced Indicator

The Trade Genius Advanced Indicator Package has everything in the Basic Indicator plus these 3 powerful tools to take your trading to the next level.

The Advanced Indicator Package will supercharge your trading with more powerful signals and levels to give you that extra edge. The Advanced Indicator comes with a simple layout link for Trading View that will load everything up for you. From there you can watch the supplied training videos that will show you how each individual component works, and how we combine them to take trades.

$2,999 Lifetime Access

Pro Trend Band

The Trend band gets an upgrade with a second setting to help smooth out the chop and includes an option to paint a signal when the trend changes as well as the ability to set an alert for the trend change. Having the ability to tweak the responsiveness of the trend changes allows you to fine tune the signals to your personal taste. Also having the ability to set alerts on various time frames also helps you stay on the right side of the more powerful higher time frames, such as the Daily and Weekly.

Ripper Trend Signal

The Ripper Trend Signal is a powerful new signal for trend trade entries. It combines multiple studies, and looks for confluence with them to plot a buy (long) or sell (short) signal on the chart. This is helpful because it gives you the power of multiple indicators without cluttering up the screen, or having to determine whether they are in agreement or not. It gives you 1-2 signals per entry area. The first signal is an early entry, the second signal is more confirmation of the signal. This signal also has the ability to send off an alert and alerts can be set on multiple time frames.


The Envelopes indicator plots the Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly envelopes right on the chart with labels. Envelopes are the prior Low and Prior High of the different periods. It is extremely helpful, if not necessary to know where these powerful levels are.   Often they will act like a magnet for price, as well as be a pivotal area where price will reverse at. So use them for targets or support and resistance levels. Many traders forget where these levels are and lose the reference points. This indicator does the work for you so you don’t have to worry about marking off these levels day to day, week to week. You’ll wonder how you traded without them!

Trade Sniper

The Trade Sniper was developed to identify when a stock price action has accelerated either up or down and is in a position to end or reverse. The signal compares the price intensity inside of each price candle from two different look back timeframes. We optimized that lookback for high probability entries, and exits.

The indicator is especially effective looking at Sniper buys, as the market likes to create V bottoms, and at support lines or channel bottoms. We see high probability setups when combined with our Kona Buy indicator (which captures channel bottom and top reversals).

Tradeforce Indicator

The Tradeforce indicator was developed to combine two of our older indicators that measured price momentum and price action. We noticed that we could eliminate what is known as false buy and sell signals, and to eliminate buying dips that failed by requiring both signals to be in agreement. The other added benefit was the code allowed us to display potential reversal zones before the moves began.

The signal works in two parts, the first part tells you if we are in an uptrend, consolidation or a downtrend. The second tells you if the momentum is a buy or sell. When in agreement with each other, it gives you a powerful trading tool. We created a third dynamic using the Volatility stop to provide an ability to have further confirmation, but more importantly to use as an exit signal when in a trade. In other words let your winners run, and kill you losses fast.

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This indicator can be used with Crypto and ETF Charts, (15min, Hourly & Daily) settings. *This has not been optimized for individual stocks, ETF’s and Crypto Currencies only well as shorting triple ETF’s.

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