Fulcrum Indicator

The best way to make money trading is discerning when big money is buying or selling.  Most traders use indicators that follow trends, and those struggle to make money in the long term, more sophisticated traders use order flow footprints, and Volume Profile.  They work well, but it takes a lot of practice and some ability to trade the chop.  Most can’t. We have a better way.

Big money makes levels, not run to levels, and their approach is to look across multiple timelines and price pivots, to look at dips to buy or rips to sell.  We programmed this process and colored coded it to take away all guesses.     We call it the Trade Genius Price Fulcrum.

Trade Genius Fulcrum Indicator

In addition to the fulcrum oscillator we added two additional filters designed to increase the odds of profit even higher.  

But what is even better, it takes the guesswork out of when to hold it to let your winners run, and when to close your trades. Now you can day trade with confidence.

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This indicator can be used with Crypto and ETF Charts, (15min, Hourly & Daily) settings. *This has not been optimized for individual stocks, ETF’s and Crypto Currencies only well as shorting triple ETF’s.

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