The Blue Ribbon Profit Indicator

The Blue Ribbon Profit Indicator is a multifaceted indicator created by Trade Genius to quickly recognize reversals in price trends, at the same time significantly reducing the number of times the signal can be a false signal. The signal looks back in time to determine the future, and that time period can be adjusted, as needed, as different time frames and stocks, ETFs, Forex and Cryptocurrencies have their own rhythm.
This indicator also has an alert feature that allows the trader to receive text, email, or desktop alerts on a potential trade.
There is nothing like it publicly available on the market today.

Want to trade  like a pro? with a proven software indicator?  Your wish is our Command…

 Most indicators are too slow to be used to see when the market has turned and started to move higher.  Then traders end up chasing the trade and that is the number one reason people lose money. The Profit Ribbon is designed to have the shortest delay meaning you get into trades faster and make more money.

 Fact #1: The Profit Ribbon can be used with any trade type:

It does not matter if you are trading stocks, Etfs futures, or Cryptocurrencies.  The Profit Ribbon works as trends are trends.

 Fact #2: Profit ribbon is all you need to use to trade:

We built a multiple features into the Profit Ribbon in order to give you a clean chart that simply and easily tells you when and what price to place a trade.

 Fact #3: The Profit Ribbon even will send you alerts 

So many traders miss trades because it is too difficult to follow everything.  The Profit Ribbon, loaded onto Tradingview software allows you to receive real time alerts.  Never miss a trade again.

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This indicator can be used with Crypto and ETF Charts, (15min, Hourly & Daily) settings. *This has not been optimized for individual stocks, ETF’s and Crypto Currencies only well as shorting triple ETF’s.

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